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SYRACUSE Syracuse, the provincial capital, famous cities of the east coast of Sicily, five districts form the ancient city Achredina, Tyché, Neapolio, Epipolia, Ortygia. And ‘the latter of which is the old town, the most interesting to visit. Syracuse is … Continue reading


USTICA Ustica island is wonderful for the environment, history, archeology and its people. Its geological structure is identical to those of the Aeolian Islands: it appears as a green rock, with steep and rugged coastline. Its highest point is Mount … Continue reading

Where to eat in Catania

Where to eat in Catania Known and appreciated throughout the world Catanese cuisine offers delicious food in all seasons. Dishes brilliant in their simplicity, such as pasta alla norma – topped with fresh tomatoes, fried eggplant, basil and ricotta salata … Continue reading


SELINUNTE The visit to Selinunte is certainly one of the most evocative of all Sicily. The abundance of the ruins, the beauty of the place and landscape, so do remember that everything here in Greece. Selinunte was colonized by the … Continue reading

Piazza Armerina

Piazza Armerina This city, situated on three hills at 721 m. altitude is a famous tourist resort and a great location on Erei surrounded by forests of pine and eucalyptus. Enjoyed its heyday in the Middle Ages, under the reign … Continue reading


Nicolosi Nicolosi is a small town, a quaint village located on the southern side of Etna, in a wooded area full of chestnut, beech and birch. And ‘park and nature reserve. The country, whose origin probably dates to the thirteenth … Continue reading


Sicily The geographical location, natural beauty, history, art and culture are an island of Sicily certainly fascinating. Many celebrated by poets, writers, Italian and foreign travelers, it offers you a choice to anyone who wants to enjoy a holiday refreshing … Continue reading