Where to eat in Catania

Known and appreciated throughout the world Catanese cuisine offers delicious food in all seasons. Dishes brilliant in their simplicity, such as pasta alla norma – topped with fresh tomatoes, fried eggplant, basil and ricotta salata – the city’s tribute to the composer Vincenzo Bellini. Or you can opt for a style more “baroque” with caponata – a perfect and harmonious blend of peppers, eggplant, olives, sugar, vinegar, onions, capers in salt, Sultanas, oil – even if it is right to distinguish between the Catanese and the Palermo. In any case Catania worth a visit if only for its cuisine, not to mention that many of its restaurants are local in charming derived class.

One of the most famous bakeries in Catania is “wise” located between Main street – the lounge of Catania, as described by Federico de Roberto – and Via Umberto. Since 1897 Savia is the staple food of the Catanese, more than 100 years retains its old traditions and the famous quality of its products. Savia How to reach on foot in just 10 minutes from our Bed and Breakfast.

Catania is famous pastry shop “Grandma Vicenza,” which in his restaurant revives the traditional Sicilian pastries, located in the center, is located just 4 minutes from our Bed and Breakfast.

Another strong point of the restaurant and food Catania is “The embassy of the sea”, a restaurant located in the center. Thanks to its excellent position to be able to visit the cathedral of Catania and the famous “fish market”. It too is not far from our Bed and Breakfast, just 7 minutes walk.

Very good and original restaurant is absolutely recommend “Salt Art CafĂ©” located inside the art gallery where it is named, this restaurant joins modernity and tradition of Sicilian cuisine and Catania. Our Bed & Breakfast is the restaurant just 9/10 minute walk.