What to visit in Catania

The staff of the Bed and Breakfast in advising major points of interest concern to Catania, advised to visit the cathedral (From B & B is an 8 minute walk) and see the symbol of the city: “O Liotru”.

Piazza del Duomo built after the earthquake of 1693 at the auditorium hall >> << medieval, is the confluence of the main axes citizens. At the center stands the symbol of Catania, the elephant of lava age of Roman and Sicilian dialect is called "O Liotru", by the dialect of the legendary sorcerer Heliodorus who would use as a horse. The elephant carries on its back an Egyptian obelisk with dedications to the goddess Isis. The reliefs depict the base in the form of gods and Amenano Simeto rivers that quench the plain of Catania. Higher than at the top of the obelisk, are the insignia of St. Agata (patroness of Catania) a cross and a globe, a lily and a palm tree, recalling the past of a “Una” pagan but defeated by Christianity.

Town Hall. Arose after the earthquake of a medieval loggia, defines the north side of Piazza del Duomo. A square plan with central courtyard with porticos on two sides, owes its present appearance to GB Vaccarini, who in 1714 created the three elevations east, south and west. On the opposite side of the square is the palace of the former seminary of the clergy, the first of 700, with a complex plan, extended the sixteenth century walls. To the left of the building there is a door Uzeda right, the fountain dell’Amenano.

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