Bed and Breakfast Opera Catania | La gastronomia catanese
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La gastronomia catanese

Food in Catania

Two of the most interesting, colorful and fascinating are the fish “Piscaria” and the Fair “at Fera, these are the places that serve as a sounding board to the perfumes of this part of Sicily. In these two places in the city of Catania, between the voices that boom, the sun illuminating the ‘snow-covered Etna is created intriguing and curious atmosphere in the classroom full of spices, meat, fish and other first-fruits. The food Catanese is the interweaving of various cultures from the greek / roman to Arabic / Norman to get to the domination French / Spanish who brought the Sicilian cuisine to imposition of various ingredients.
Plates of food Pythian Catania is the pasta with the standard << >> (spaghetti covered with slices of eggplant fried in oil, and sprayed with tomato sauce and ricotta salata), cannelloni at Catania, the ripiddu nivicatu >> << (squid ink risotto served in the form of Mount Etna, on the top sprinkle with ricotta and tomato sauce to represent the lava), the << >> zuzo (pork jelly with lemon), anchovies and sardines << >> beccafico (sardines are wet with vinegar, then covered with grated cheese, garlic, parsley, dipped in and fried), meatballs with lemon, the banished << >> (two overlapping leaves of dough enclosing cheese, anchovies, and / or broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes and onions), the << >> sfinci (ricotta pancakes or anchovy). From the vineyards of the nearby volcano, Mount Etna DOC comes in white types, top white (produced only in the town of milo), pink and red; by Catanese also Cerasuolo << >> (red is also present in other provinces of Sicily )

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