The geographical location, natural beauty, history, art and culture are an island of Sicily certainly fascinating. Many celebrated by poets, writers, Italian and foreign travelers, it offers you a choice to anyone who wants to enjoy a holiday refreshing the body and mind or want to explore and discover, in the wake of evidence of a past several thousand years, the march of peoples and civilizations that have taken place on this land of dreams, as he called the country an ideal and pastures, as she was called the Nievo.

First of all the natural attractions: the climate, landscape, sea, coastline, mountains, forests, environment, flora and fauna. Plateaus, hills, mountains, extensive plains, with Catania, dominated by Europe’s highest volcano, Mount Etna (m.3263), over a thousand miles high and rocky coasts now, now low and sandy; famous gulfs , as in Palermo, with the famous Conca d’Oro, islands and islets of various kinds; transparency of the perennial blue skies, the sunshine and the mild climate, this is the face of Sicily.