Half the staff of our Bed and Breakfast recommends that you visit on a holiday in Sicily is the city of Ragusa.

The emblem of Ragusa and its province is a tree, the carob tree. A tree all Sicilian strong, able to live almost without water, rocky terrain and unfavorable weather conditions. Ragusa is formed in two very different neighborhoods, one part modern Ragusa built after the earthquake of 1693, on the other side Ragusa Ibla, far more picturesque, more colorful, rich in Baroque buildings. In Ragusa Ibla is the archaeological museum, which houses archaeological finds, sorted geographically and chronologically. Among the most interesting and famous Dubrovnik we have: The Cathedral, St. Mary of the stairs by the bridge of the Capuchins, the church of St. Giorgio old. In more picturesque a set of stairs can reach Ragusa Ibla, whose visit is very fascinating.

Ragusa is famous in Italy for being one of the richest provinces of southern Italy. Thanks to the synergy between the gastronomic sector, with seaside resort of “Marina di Ragusa” and breathtaking scenery make Ragusa a paradise for tourists.

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