Ustica island is wonderful for the environment, history, archeology and its people. Its geological structure is identical to those of the Aeolian Islands: it appears as a green rock, with steep and rugged coastline.

Its highest point is Mount Guardia dei Turchi, the island is well connected to Palermo from a ferry service. Its waters are crystal clear and teeming with fish and its rich fishing grounds are sought after destination for diving enthusiasts. The country descends towards the sea with picturesque houses, some of which are decorated with murals painted by famous contemporary artists. The island of Ustica is a marine reserve, established to protect the marine area, protecting and enhancing the repopulation of the area.

A bit of history.

The island was inhabited by the Phoenicians and the Greeks gave it the name Osteodes, that charnel house, a reminder of the 6000 Carthaginian left to die on the island. Conquered by the Romans they called it Ustica (utum = burned) to the black cliffs; later step in the hands of the Saracens, Normans and Bourbons.